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Pre-order page for Aluminum Focus Iris Ring

Aluminum Focus/Iris Ring (Pre-Order)

For Preston Single Channel Handunit


NEw Product - availability early Jan 2019

This new product is an aluminum focus/iris ring for the Preston Single Channel Handunit. If you’ve ever had a problem with the white plastic Delrin rings being near-impossible to put on or remove from the handset when it’s cold out, it’s because Delrin shrinks in the cold more than the aluminum knob (has a higher coefficient of thermal expansion.)

These aluminum rings will always go on and off with the same consistent friction, whether it’s freezing or sweltering outside, so long as rings and handset are at the same temperature. No more struggling with frozen fingers to force a ring on, or half-mounted rings…

Will be available in three colors: anodized grey (slightly darker than the natural aluminum prototype above, but not as dark as Apple Space Grey), red, and blue. Perfect for color coding – primes vs zooms, spherical vs anamorphic, A & B cam, etc.

Pricing will be C$45 each (approximately US$34 - the same as Preston plastic rings.)

If you’d like to know when these will be available to order, simply enter your email address below, as well as the quantity you might be interested in. This will help with production planning. I’ll get in touch with you when these become available.