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Aluminum Focus/Iris Ring

Aluminum FI Ring


Aluminum Focus/Iris Marking Ring

For Preston Single Channel Handunit

This new product is an aluminum focus/iris ring for the Preston Single Channel Handunit. If you’ve ever had a problem with the white plastic Delrin rings being near-impossible to put on or remove from the handset when it’s cold out, it’s because Delrin has a higher coefficient of thermal expansion than aluminum—it shrinks in the cold more than the handset knob.

These aluminum rings will always go on and off with the same consistent friction, whether it’s freezing or sweltering outside, so long as rings and handset are at the same temperature. No more struggling with frozen fingers to force a ring on, or half-mounted rings…

Rings come in four colours: silver, space grey, red, and blue. Perfect for colour coding – primes vs zooms, spherical vs anamorphic, A & B cam, etc. Can be directly written on with permanent marker and wipes clean with alcohol. If you prefer striping with P-touch or white tape, the rims will still be visible for colour coding.

Silver, Space Grey, Red, Blue - in stock

CAD $45 each (approx. USD $34)